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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Girl Ipsa Views Shared by Children Everywhere

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I am gratified this morning to hear about lovely little Ilana Wexler, a mere 12 year old girl, yet still keen enough to hold the very same opinion that I do...
Cheney needs a time out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A wearin' o' th' green, I would be...
but yer blog wonna' let me post thar. So, I be hyar.

No time to read about Cheany... but I only wish the rest of us sufferin, selfish, Homo (genus, not gender orientation) bi-pedals would as firmly grasp, as have you, what it truly means to be part of an OPEN biological system. Our mythologies become reality in their destructive power.

You'll hopefully tell me more about what goes into crafting something as novel and narcissistic as a blog site like this. Ah, but yours my diva might actually be worth a peruse, even by another so fully occupied in legal studentry.

Oh do carry on.

5:48 PM  

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