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Monday, December 26, 2005

Tyranny Creeps

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Check out this article Warrantless Wiretapping and YOU! In the absense of time --- or spare brain capacity --- to tell you what I think about this I will just ask you to clink that link and tell me what you think.

This is probably my favorite part:

These "legal" explanations are also invariably accompanied by an insistence that everything the Administration is doing is a necessary component of the amorphous war on terror, and that the American people can and should trust their President to do the right thing. But this argument simply can't justify the Executive's usurpation of power: After all, America has faced crises before without deciding to revert to monarchy.

We have faced crises before without reverting to monarchy. Tyranny creeps.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all let's sort out the facts. There seems to be a critical distinction between detecting and monitoring. This is really what most people do not understand.

FISA court warrants cannot be used for detection, because of the requirement to identify the subject and phone line.

Computerized automatic mass-listening of calls is really what seems to have been authorized by executive order, which is probably still illegal under FISA, but that is FISA's problem.

The President said they will still seek warrants for subjects they have pinpointed by detection.

I think FISA needs a serious bipartsian update to come to the 21st century and this is why we are still seeing Rule by Executive Orders. Let's face it: democracy is slow and messy, terrorists are fast. Just don't ask me to choose, please.

Some good references:

2:36 PM  
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