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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

In the Interest of Truth & Justice

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I was chatting amiably with my biggest fan last night and I had to admit that my "Girl Ipsa Views Shared by Children Everywhere" post was a tad disingenuous. Truth be told (and we are all about Truth, Justice and the American Way here at Girl Ipsa) I am NOT proud of our cheeky little speech maker. If she were my child, precocious and well-spoken as she is, I would have been mortified to hear her disrespect the vice president in front of adults, let alone on national television.

Now, I know that this is not really a legal subject. I only shoe-horned the Cheney "F-Bomb" in because of the senate floor connection and that over riding respect for the institution approach. So, this post is just to clean-up the possible misconception I may have, inadvertently and accidentally, created by applauding Miss Wexler in a fit of "Go for the JOKE" journalistic short-sightedness. (Just try to top that sentence structure while composing your comment to this post)

I will now, for the record, publicly chastise the parents Wexler. It is wrong to use your 12 year old daughter to take pot shots at the Republicans while also standing with both feet squarely in the "We won't take cheap shots at the Republicans" democratic camp. What she said was funny. But if you wanted it said, you should of said it yourselves.

As for me, I hope to teach my daughters to have respect for the office's of president and vice president, to maintain a sense of decorum and propriety. I will expect this of them for the same reasons that I criticized Mr. Cheney. It is the least they can do. To have some respect.


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