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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Putting It Out There

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Here is an interesting editorial that ends with the plea to "put it out there". I am up to the challenge and request that you read it and pass it on.

My Biggest Fan and I have had this very argument. He rails that liberal judges make law while conservative judges interpret it. The idea that there exists an entire body of judge made law, all both legal and proper, was so counter intuitive to him that we ended the conversation right there.

And, I also love the title of this editorial... "Activist, Schmactivist". (This is something Dork would say, along with Good Little Jury Monkeys and LAKERS ROCK)

So, I, in a blatant failure to think a thought of my own today, offer you this rather clever thinking from a kindred soul.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Biggest Fan here----as always beware of the NYT`s (the old grey lady has develooped total senility in the past 5 years) but be "double dog dare ya concerned" when the guest columnist first name is Dahlia. Ms Dahlia is concerned about Bill Pryor`s actions as attorney general in Judge Roy More`s (a complete idiot
although first in his law class) homage to the 10 commandments by placing an "ode to Rodan" 15 ton colossus in the courthouse. When a fed judge ruled that the granite must be removed---A/G Pryor told the judge he must obey the law and remove the offending stone or he would be held in contempt and would be dealt with as the law provides. The statue was removed per the court order, Judge Moore was shown to be the fool he is, and republic survived. I am not sure what Dahlia found to be so repulsive about A/G`Pryor upholding the law and a court order. Maybe she thinks that Pryor should have flogged Judge Moore with a cat-of-nine-tails or maybe she was offended because Pryor is a Republican.

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