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Monday, August 23, 2004


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I have stumbled across a most fortunate find, Richard Posner is guest blogging on Lessig's Blog! The chance to read what Mr. Posner deems worthy of writing about is an opportunity that so filled me with excitement I had to share it with you. If you've never heard the name, then I apologize for my unadulterated law-geek-ness and promise something more topical next time.

I once told you that if you were very patient I would share with you the salacious details of my romance with the law. This is one of those details, friends. I love Posner. Reading his post on Fair Use reminds me of why this is. He likens the Fair Use doctrine (Which we met in our examination of Jib Jabs "This Land" legal difficulties) to a teenager taking a joy-ride in your car. Is it just me, or does that kind of crystal clear analytical use of metaphor turn you on too?

Special credit is also due Christopher Chopin, who alerted me to this magical discovery via his own BLOG. Okay, he deserves all the credit. I am merely stapled to his coat tails on this one.


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